Montreal’s Altitude Sports Having An Up To 60% Off Warehouse Sale Next Week

Look hot for spring.
Montreal’s Altitude Sports Having An Up To 60% Off Warehouse Sale Next Week

Ah, winter clothing. If I'm being honest with you, winter clothes are probably the most important articles of clothing you could buy - not just because it keeps you warm, but also because you can basically just wear a down jacket, some tights, a pair of cute boots and manage to still look amazing!

And I know I'm not the only one who knows this truth. Any form of winter clothing is hype AF right now... which is why this next bit of news is pretty much the best thing I've heard all day/week/month. 

StyleDemocracy will be hosting a massive warehouse sale starting next week from March 6 - March 11 on behalf of Altitude Sports. FYI, Altitude Sports is a Montreal-based technical and urban outdoor apparel retailer. They sell over 350 brands with a heavy focus on winter jackets and boots. 

The sale is going to be HUGE, and the best part? A lot of the brands that'll be there basically never go on sale, so there'll be some epic finds at this sale for any season!

Not only will the sale feature apparel from a variety of top brands, but this massive sale will also have technical outerwear -  for those of us who LOVE urban & outdoor clothing and are always looking to get geared up! - and high fashion parkas for those of us who, well, want to look good despite the harsh Montreal winters. 

Because, sure, we might be slowly creeping our way to spring (FINALLY!), but it's still cold and snowy out. You're going to want to deck yourself out in the warmest, most high-quality jackets you can find, just like the ones at the upcoming StyleDemocracy Altitude Sports warehouse sale.

And trust, friends, this sale is going to be massive. There'll be tons of gear, clothes and brands available at incredible prices. 

There'll be a whole bunch of brands available at this sale. In fact, if you sign up for the Altitude Sports Email List, you'll be able to see the brands that will be present AND you'll get a code that'll give you an additional 10% off your purchase (on opening day only, so don't forget to mark your calendar!) and access to a VIP section. Trust, it'll be worth your while to show up!

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StyleDemocracy's hugeAltitude Sports warehouse sale is happening this Tuesday, March 6 - Sunday, March 11 at 333 Rue Chabanel Ouest, Unit 310 (on the third floor). There are stairs and an elevator.  

For more information on StyleDemocracy's massive, brand name Altitude Sports warehouse sale, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages - and click here to sign up for an additional 10% off on opening day!

*This sale is operated by StyleDemocracy and not Altitude Sports. As such, purchases made will not be bound by the terms and conditions offered by Altitude Sports, nor by the Altitude Sports 1-year warranty. The Altitude Sports membership, AltiDollars and Expirable Credits will not be valid at the sale. All sales are final. No price matches. Coupon code cannot be combined with any other coupon code or promotion. Individuals may not purchase more than two (2) items that are the same style, size and colour. The coupon code discount is applied on the final price of the item(s).