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Montreal's Anjou Borough Wants To Separate From The City

More money or they are out.
Montreal's Anjou Borough Wants To Separate From The City

Photo cred - Zippedidou

The leader of one of Montreal's eastern boroughs, Anjou, isn't too happy with some recent budget changes, and is preparing to separate from the city.

Mayor of Anjou Luis Miranda has publicly stated the initiative to separate from Montreal, and plans to launch a petition to present to Quebec's National Assembly. If successful, a referendum on a demerger will be held.

Miranda's desire to remove Anjou's status as borough of Montreal comes in the wake of the recent budget revisions given out by the Coderre administration. Though Anjou is actually receiving more money this year, the mayor still thinks it isn't enough.

25, 000 signatures are needed for Miranda's petition, a big number for a small borough. Anjou only has 30, 000 voters, so Miranda will need to have the approval of nearly every Anjou resident. Still, the numbers have not shaken Miranda's confidence in the initiative.

Not the only borough a little pissed with this year's budget, La Presse points out that Outremont has also considered the idea of separating from Montreal.

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