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Montreal's Annual Caribbean Festival Set To Take Over Saint Catherine's Street This Summer

For an event that has stood the test of time for 40 years, you have to assume there is something great about it. People don't return for the sub-par, that's for sure. We want culture and excitement, that's what Montreal is all about. Well, this July 4th, you better hold on to your hats, because Carifiesta is back in town.

A true-blue celebration of heritage, Carifiesta highlights music, dance, and dress in its traditional Caribbean form. Prepare for feathers, bedazzlement and a good time. And of course we can't forget the parade. Saint Catherine's Street is set to be packed and colourful with Caribbean performers, lighting up the city with every step.

You're guaranteed to have a great, exotic, exciting day. Not only that, but your eyes will be opened to a culture you may not know anything about. So click on over to either the Carifiesta website or Facebook page to learn where to be when this shindig goes down!

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