Montreal's Aux Vivres' All-New "Vegan Breakfast Burrito" Is Something To Die For

Photo cred - @auxvivresrestovegan

McDonald's piddly (and always floppy) little basic bitch breakfast burritos have absolutely nothing on the newest morning Mexican-ish meal you can get on St. Laurent street. Hearty, healthy, and fairly priced, Aux Vivre's latest vegan creation will start your your day off right, and you won't even miss the bacon.

Aux Vivre, St. Laurent street's most magical vegan eatery, unveiled their new breakfast burrito yesterday morning on Instagram, which made us instantly regret eating a dumb ol' bagel for breakie. The vegan breakfast burrito is stuffed with scrambled tofu-eggs, sweet potatoes, tempeh, and vegan cheese, and is available between 8am and 11am. Priced at only $4.99 with a coffee (espresso or filter) for the rest of the month, get your mouth at this burrito in the morning, your body and taste buds will thank you later.

Start your day off right like only a burrito can at Aux Vivres. You can mack on the resto's vegan breakfast burrito by heading over to the St. Laurent location (map) which now has an uber-convenient take out area for burrito-lovers on the go. Check out more vegan delicacies at Aux Vivre's Facebook page and may the breakfast burrito be with you.

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