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What's better than bacon? More bacon, obviously. And what's better than more bacon? All-you-can-eat bacon, which seems like an artery clogging wet dream from the sleeping mind of a fat kid, but on New Year's Eve, all the bacon you can stuff into your sound socket (aka mouth) will be a beautiful reality put on by Bar Brutus, as if you already didn't guess.

Brutus is going big with its first New Year's Eve party, and we don't just mean the all you can eat bacon buffet. Also on the docket for the bacon-tastic NYE party is a glass of champagne at midnight (necessary at any NYE jam), rock/pop/swing music from the 50's to today, a free cocktail as soon as you enter, and something called a "shooter fairy" which just sounds magically amazing.

Perhaps most enticing (again, aside from the bacon buffet) is the "Beat the Clock" special on pints. As soon as the event begins, pints will cost only $3 (which is amazingly affordable) and will go up by a dollar after every hour that passes. Challenge accepted Brutus, lets just hope we all make it 'til midnight.

Brutus' New Year's Eve All You Can Eat Bacon Buffet Party will be held on December 31st starting at 8pm. Tickets are limited so get yours while they last. Get more info by heading to Brutus' Facebook page here.

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