Montreal's Beachclub Is On The Hunt For "Beach Babes"

...and here's how you can get the gig!
Montreal's Beachclub Is On The Hunt For "Beach Babes"

Montreal's internationally known Beachclub is bigger and better than ever. 

Not only are they celebrating an anniversary this year with an incredible summer lineup, they are also currently on the hunt for "Beach Babes" to "work" at the club all summer long.

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Beachclub's "Beach Babes" program allows candidates to enjoy the venue for free all season long in exchange for promotional content. In addition to that, they will be entitled to a few drinks at each visit and be filmed/photographed professionally for the club's promo. 

Though, it takes a "special" type of someone that has what it takes to reap the benefits from this program... but not to worry, I have a lot of the prerequisites for you right here!

These are the 7 characteristics of the perfect beach babe:

1. Both men and women are accepted for this gig. The title of "babe" is often likened to women, but this is a gender-inclusive opportunity! Boys can also apply if they have all the good stuff for the job. 

2. Good visibility on social media networks is a must. This is a no-brainer. The gig is for people to "promote" Beachclub through social media influencing. Having a strong social game is definitely needed. 

3. You must have quality content. Essentially, Beachclub is not looking for people who post randomly with no rhyme or rhythm. They are looking for someone who takes time on their posts and as a result posts better, more amazing content!

4. Your personal values should be aligned to the right places. Beachclub practices "good values", and thus it is obviously important that their representatives across the board also sport "good values and a professional attitude." Be respectful, be appropriate, and you're good!

5. You must have some free time this summer. It is unclear exactly how many hours are expected of the Beach Babe crew - but one thing is for sure. If you already work full-time hours, this is not likely for you! If you're able to find extra time to invest, then it's worth a shot! 

6. You must be a minimum "cute." Personal care and hygiene is a must! Honestly, what does minimum cute even mean? Well, to me it says that a Beach Babe should always take pride in their appearance, be hygienic and put their best foot forward. It's not to rank someone's looks, but a confident beach babe will always convey cuteness with total ease.

7. You must be 18 years old and over. If you need to me to write a blurb explaining why this is important, then maybe you should just log off right now. 

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A Beachclub season pass is worth over $200, combined with free drinks and increased social media visibility, this could be the best way to spend your summer!

Do you think you got what it takes to be a Beachclub Beach Babe? Beachclub is accepting applicants for the 2018 season until April 29, 2018!

Apply for the Beach Babe crew right here. 

Beachclub will see it's 2018 grand opening party May 19-21.

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