Montreal's Beachclub Wants To Get A Giant Wave Machine Next Year

Oliver Primeau, owner of the legendary Beachclub, is heading to London, UK with his team and neighbors from Super Aqua Club. They have received a special invitation from Redbull to visit Surf Snowdonia, the largest artificial wave in the world. They are planning to gather some information, get inspired and, possibly, build a similar structure at Beachclub back home.

Imagine how sick it would be?! A structure that pushes a massive artificial wave back and forth for surfers to enjoy. Montreal desperately needs to cater more to our surfing community. It will definitely bring our city's surf game to the next level.

Olivier and his team are also planning on visiting the official Redbull F1 factory, as well as clubs and bars overseas in order to pick up on some creative ideas and, hopefully, bring them back to Canada with them. Have a fun trip, Beachclub!