This Montreal Metro Station Will Be Closed For 8 Months

Part of STM's plan to better service
This Montreal Metro Station Will Be Closed For 8 Months

Montreal's STM had announced plans to better their service in Montreal, with tons of money being invested in new construction and services. 

They claim that all their work will make the STM metro and bus services as a whole better by 2025. 

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Part of this will take effect on commuters, who rely on Beaudry metro station in Montreal's gay village. 

Beaudry is set to be closed for at least 8 months starting later this year. 18 months of work are planned, in total. 

The walls and floors are set to be fully revamped to give the station "a new look." While no exact dates have been announced just yet, STM has confirmed that Beaudry will be closed between fall 2018 and spring 2019. 

They are set to announce a specific date range on the closure in the next few weeks. 

The Beaudry metro station, which opened in 1966, will see a total facelift - which might be slightly irritating in their down months, but in the long-run should be fantastic! 

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Beaudry station is, by far, my least favourite metro station. The slow, long moving walkway is not the most intuitive. It also seems, to me at least, that Beaudry is always muggy, gross and very hot inside. This rejuvenation is definitely needed.

Beaudry metro station only has the one entrance/exit. If they decided to keep the metro open during renovations, the construction could potentially last up to 3 years. 

Because of this extended construction period, if still open, STM has decided to postpone the closure until after the heavy tourist season. Montreal's Gay Village is iconic, and draws out tons of people - so this move was a good decision. 

STM will be providing shuttle buses for Metro users between the neighbouring stations, Berri-UQAM and Papineau in their down months. 


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