Montreal's Beer And Beef Jerky Bandits Have Finally Been Arrested

They made off with $500K worth of product.
Montreal's Beer And Beef Jerky Bandits Have Finally Been Arrested

A little while ago, reports of a few Beer and Beef Jerky bandits who made off with half a million dollars worth of merchandise was making the news rounds.

Obviously a pretty huge crime, but it still brought a good laugh to me when reading the stories - predominantly  because they continue to be referred to as "beer bandits" who committed a major "heist."

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Maybe it's my love for Westworld (BTW, Season 2 is CRAZY) that made my eyes light up at this wording because I just find it too darn funny.

The police had been asking for the public's help in identifying the "bandits" (gets me every time) who made off with nearly $500K worth of beer and jerky products from a warehouse in the Boucherville district.

The total loot stolen included 20,000 cases of beer, dried beef, and Jack Link's brand pepperoni.

I don't know about you, but these "beer bandits" sound like they would've been prepared to throw the biggest party bender ever... but alas, they may have to opt out for toilet alcohol as they have been apprehended!

Two bandits have officially been arrested in connection with the major beer heist, which is now being called a bit of "Trailer Park Boys flavour" by CJAD - delivering to me even more laughs!

Yesterday (April 23), police recovered 11,000 cases of Grolsch beer in a warehouse on St. Patrick St. in LaSalle. This was out of the 20,000 cases lifted from the Boucherville warehouse trucks.

So, maybe they did have a stellar party after all! No sign of the missing 9,000 beer cases, or the beef jerky and pepperoni.

Police are saying that the thieves actually used the Boucherville warehouse's own trucks to drive off with the loot, and the trucks were found empty the next day.

No charges have been laid on the beer bandits as of yet.

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