Montreal's Belmont Park Is Back

Whether you're young or old, this is amazing!
Montreal's Belmont Park Is Back

When you think about Montreal's amusement park only one thing comes to mind, La Ronde of course!

Summer just isn't summer without a trip to our beloved local amusement park. But before there was La Ronde there was a another amusement park operating in Montreal from 1923 to 1983, I'm talking about Belmont Park.

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And it wasn't just some small carnival, it was a full park complete with a large wooden roller-coaster called The Cyclone, a carousel, a Ferris wheel, a pool, a skating rink and even a "Kiddieland.

To celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary,  Belmont Park is being revived.

This weekend, a Fête Foraine took place on the site of the original park, and more activities are scheduled to take place between now and August 18.

Here are some photos of the Party:

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Belle activité au #parcbelmont aujourd'hui. Bonne idée de faire le #parcbelmont2017 pour le #375mtl on prendrait bien une classique annuelle! Merci à l'arrondissement et notre conseiller @harout_mtl pour revaloriser #cartierville

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