Montreal's Best Coffee In Pictures

The Adbeus Coffee Project captures Montreal's many coffee shops.
Montreal's Best Coffee In Pictures

Montreal houses tons of small cafes and coffee shops, so many that it can be hard to choose one as your 'spot.' Everyone has their personal preferences, whether it be the food, clientele, or study-friendly atmosphere, which will take away from what really matters: the coffee. Even then, certain flavours appeal to certain people, and you're still stuck with biased favoritism. But what can be an unbiased window into what every coffee shop in Montreal has to offer coffee-lovers? A picture, of course.

The Adbeus Coffee Project, a photography-coffee blog based in Montreal, has taken up the mission of capturing the essence of the city's cafes through a uniform image. Adbeus uses the exact same template for each picture (the coffee to the right, the table as a background and the camera from the top), giving you an idea of what the cafe in question has to offer. You can tell a lot from just a single photo, from cup to table top to the amount of foam (if any) on top of an espresso. Take a look at these sexy shots for a stylistic and unbiased view into Montreal coffee shops, with some helpful (and totally biased) comments from us on our favourites.

Bagels Etc.

One of Montreal's best brunch places. Check out our review for a tasty sample.

Chez Jose

Look for the giant legs outside on the roof. Has solid baked goods too, both sweet and savoury

Fuchsia Épicerie Fleur

Solid spice shop with cool homemade products and great hot chocolate.

Olive & Gourmando

Also one of the best sandwicheries in the city


Doubles as an awesome jazz venue some nights. Their house non-dairy milk blend is delicious for all the vegans/lactose intolerant out there


Literally underneath the MTL Blog office (same building), this place fills my nose with intoxicating aromas of breakfast/brunch foods every morning. Try it out and say hi to us while you're there.


New-ish coffee shop on St. lo and Prince Arthur. Cool vibes. Check out what we thought in our feature.


Another awesome brunch place. They are also the resto in partnership with Roux food truck, which serves up the best fries in town.


Great study spot for Concordia students who are tired of the library.

Le Cagibi

Hosts a lot of cool shows + events, definitely worth checking out for the food too.


Super hip, Pikolo offers a nice alternative to the chain coffee spots which dominate the Parc/Milton area (also known as Cafe Corner)

Humble Lion

Right across the street from McGill campus, Humble Lion has good coffee and great hot chocolate, as we've said.


A short walk away from the old MTL Blog office, I can't upvote the donuts + muffins from this place enough.

What's your favourite coffee spot?

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