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Best Montreal Gluten-Free Food Joints

Where to keep it delicious and gluten-free in Montreal
Best Montreal Gluten-Free Food Joints

Gluten has become the enemy. For whatever reason people keep jumping on the non-gluten bandwagon. While some are just following the most current food trends, some people legit can't digest that pesky protein composite. For all the food lovers who don't love gluten, here are some spots in Montreal to keep you eating throughout the day.

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Where: (5175 Parc)

Why: Wheat is a big star at breakfast. Toast, pancakes, crepes, and waffles are all traditionally jam packed with dat gluten. Creativity and ingredient substitutions are pretty necessary, and can be tricky, but Resonance does all the work for you. Located on Parc just south of Bernard, Resonance is an entirely vegan/gluten free cafe that caters to brunch lovers. Eat some sweeter fair like Morning Glory Muffins and Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich, or go for savory and grab a Tofu Scramble with Toast and Baked Beans. With good coffee to boot, Resonance will satisfy your breakfast and non-gluten needs alike.


Where: 2157 Mackay & 105 Rachel O.

Why: No matter what your lunch needs are, Crudessence will have you covered. Taking dishes from various food cultures, Crudessence has an eclectic menu with some cool raw and gluten free twists on classic favourites. A fan of Pad Thai, but not the gluten rich noodles? Crudessence does Pad Thai with daikon and zucchini noodles. Feeling like comfort food? Grab a bowl of sweet potatoe and black bean chili served on a bed of gluten-free quinoa, or raw food nachos. With two locations (Mackay and Rachel), along with catering and online product ordering options, Crudessence has a lot to offer the gluten-free eater.


Grab and Arepa

Why: Okay, so only those with a very healthy appetite would consider an arepa just a 'snack.' Either way, the venezualan sandwiches are delicious and entirely gluten free. Prepared with corn flour, the arepa bun is entirely without gluten and has a great texture too. Two spots reign supreme in the arepa department in Montreal: Arepera du Plateau and Bocadillo. Arepera is more of a sit down and eat with friends joint, while Bocadillo has a relaxed feel to it, but both are incredibly tasty. Filled with meat, veggies, cheese, or all three, arepas are the perfect gluten-free snack.

Zero 8

Where: 1735 St. Denis

Why: Marketed as a restaurant able to comply with any allergy, Zero 8 has no problem with a gluten-free diet. Boasting a huge menu, Zero 8 will please the most picky of eaters. Very meat-oriented, Zero 8 has such tasty dishes as lamb and coriander burgers, smoked duck, and breaded veal. All can be served with fries, but you'll probably want to switch it with a side or quinoa salad to keep it free of gluten.


Pâtisserie Almond Butterfly

Where: 5607 Ave Coolbrook Montreal, QC

Why: Gluten free bakeries shouldn't scare you off. Just because there is no traditional flout, it doesn't mean that tasty treats can't be made. Almond Butterfly is proof of this. Almond Butterfly doesn't yet have a permanent location, so you're best bet is to order online and get a delivery. Swapping out the gluten, Almond Butterfly bakes with all natural ingredients to create a range of desserts from brownies, to cookies, to full blown cakes. Check out our full review of Almond Butterfly here for a better rundown of their sweet and gluten free treats.


Did we miss your favourite gluten-free spot? Let us know in the comments below and we'll add it to the gluten-free list!

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