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Best Montreal Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarianism never looked this good.
Best Montreal Vegetarian Restaurants

Committing to not eat meat, or eggs, dairy, or any other animal by-products can limit a lot of restaurant options. Vegetarians/vegans can usually find something on a menu to eat, but its rarely on par with other options, or just a salad of sorts. Fortunatley, Montreal has some fine vegetarian dining options. Don't limit yourself to leafy greens because here is MTL Blog's list of restaurants too tasty to use meat.

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Aux Vivres

Where: 4631 St. Laurent

Why: Aux Vivres does every meal so well you won't even notice a lack of meat in the mix. Start at breakfast for their fully vegan brunch, featuring grilled polenta and tempeh bacon. For on the go, or light lunches, Aux Vivres has a solid sandwich selection. If you're looking for a big evening meal, try Aux Vivres' fully vegan burgers, Asian-fusion bols, and tons of other options. Aux Vivres even has dessert and a long list of teas to finish off any meal. Truthfully, a little pricey, but Aux Vivres is always quality and you get what you pay for back in flavour.


Where: 2157 Mackay & 105 Rachel O.

Why: No matter what your lunch needs are, Crudessence will have you covered. Taking dishes from various food cultures, Crudessence has an eclectic menu with some cool raw, gluten free, and vegetarian twists on classic favourites. A fan of Pad Thai, but not the meat or gluten rich noodles? Crudessence does Pad Thai with daikon and zucchini noodles. Feeling like comfort food? Grab a bowl of sweet potatoe and black bean chili served on a bed of gluten-free quinoa, or raw food nachos. With two locations (Mackay and Rachel), along with catering and online product ordering options, Crudessence has a lot to offer the gluten-free eater.

La Panthère Verte

Where: 2153 Mackay & 66 St. Viateur

Why: Either sitting down, or in the street via food truck, Green Panther has your vegetarian eating needs covered. A little more lunch oriented, Green Panther boasts a long list of sandwiches, freshly made juices, and a bunch of smoothies. 'Cookies & Cakes' is an entire section on the Green Panther menu, so anyone with a sweet tooth will be very pleased. Priced pretty fairly, Green Panther is a great vegetarian lunch spot.



Where: 1204 McGill College & 1720 St. Denis

Why: A classic vegan/vegetarian option in Montreal, and for good reason, Commensal is great for its variety. Nearly anyone, vegan or otherwise, can always find something that catches a hungry eye. If anything, delicious eye candy is the largest negative of eating at Commensal. Set up kind of like a cafeteria, You may end up packing your plate up pretty high at Commensal and then have a pretty steep bill when it comes time to pay.



Where: 2055 Bishop

Why: Before M4 and BurritoShop came on to the food scene, Burritoville was, and still very much is, your best bet for a great burrito. Replacing meat with delicious fillings like sweet potatoe and vegetarian chili, Burritoville makes deliciously meatless quaesadillas, tacos, and of course, burritos. Burritoville does all three very well, but their menu essentially stops there, so be mindful is a slight lack of variety.


Lola Rosa

Where: 545 Milton & 4581 Parc

Why: With beers on tap and a very large menu, Lola Rosa has everything a 'normal' restaurant would have, and more. Great options are abound for those who aren't a fan of gluten too. Lola Rosa also serves up what are arguably some of the best nachos in the city, a must try for bar-food connoisseurs. Not too long ago, Lola Rosa opened up a new restaurant on Parc, to spread some vegetarian food love outside of the McGill ghetto.


The list is very far from complete. Let us know where you eat vegetarian in the comments below!

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