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Montreal's Biggest "Escape Game" Is Based On Real Montreal Events

Each room is a piece of Montreal history.
Montreal's Biggest "Escape Game" Is Based On Real Montreal Events

Escape games have become the hottest new activity to challenge your friends or colleagues in a unique and entertaining way. The concept is simple: escape the room using your sharpest wit, powers of deduction, teamwork, and a little luck, before time runs out. If you've never tried one before, seriously, what are you doing with your life?

Since last year, quite a few escape games have opened up in the greater Montreal vicinity, but the very first to open was Échappe-Toi and to this day offers one of the best experiences out there. Echappe-Toi provides five unique and bilingual scenarios to participants which are all based on historical Montreal events. These 5 scenarios are experienced through six immersive rooms, where participants are introduced by a game master as they enter. Once the game master has introduced you to the story, the rest is up to you.

The Cursed Treasure of Hochelaga

You and your team of adventurers have entered into the wreckage of the Petite Hermine, Jacques Cartier's lost ship originally used to discover the village of Hochelaga back in 1535. 25 sailors, decimated by scurvy, died on the Petite Hermine. The last person to have found the remains of the shipwreck was a famous archaeologist who lost his mind after one hour of searching the Petite Hermine. Will you be able to get in, find out what happened, and leave without losing your mind?

Al Patraz / Disappearance

You have been left clues by the infamous Al-Patraz bandit who escaped from Grover prison, mysteriously disappeared, and was believed to have built himself a new life somewhere in the Caribbean. But this was all a ruse, as he is in fact waiting for you to find him and join his “urban Robin Hood" crew. Only 3% ever manage to escape, will that be you?


Your team of detectives has 60 minutes to uncover the truth behind a series of unexplained disappearances that occurred during the cabaret days of Montreal in the 30's. Your investigation has led you to The Tripots, a bar where illegal gaming has become very popular and is now the scene of a dangerous scandal involving the chief of the police. Will you solve the mystery and escape before it is your turn to disappear?

The Locker Room

You are about to play in the finals of the Garage League with your team Les Gro’Ver Boys for a chance to win your very first championship. The head coach has just finished his speech and left you in the locker room to prepare. As you go to hit the ice, you discover you have been locked in the locker room and have exactly 1 hour to get out, or be forced to forfeit the game. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Murder at Champlain TV Studios

Some 40 years after the unsolved murder of famous TV host, Elise, for the popular daily show “Hello Elise”, you've been asked by Chief Detective Lapointe to re-open the case. To do so, you will have to enter the condemned Champlain TV Studios, but this old building is set to be demolished in exactly 1 hour. Can you gather the evidence you're looking for and escape the building before it all gets destroyed?

Each environment is custom-built with scenarios changing every three months to keep you guessing every time you visit. The six rooms combined can accommodate up to 52 players at once, and Échappe-Toi also offers company team building activities, including workshops and training, that your team can take back to the office. Discover for yourself what tens of thousands of Montrealers already know.

Check out Échappe-Toi's Facebook page and official website for more details or to book a visit.