Montreal's Biggest "Escape Game" Is Now Open On Ontario Street

Worth trying at least once.
Montreal's Biggest "Escape Game" Is Now Open On Ontario Street

We live in a virtual age, where our imagination and problem-solving skills are packaged and served up to us in the form of blockbuster movies and bloodthirsty video games, but there is something to be said about tangible experiences that test our real-life mettle. A growing trend currently sweeping the nation, "escape room" games are making it fun to play again and Montreal just got a brand-new one called Trapped.

The concept behind "escape room" games is simple: figure your way out of locked rooms through a series of clues and puzzles designed to challenge your wits and patience. You'll have to properly observe your surroundings, communicate, and work together if you ever hope to uncover the mysteries hidden within, find the final key and escape Trapped!

Masterfully crafted by an interior designer from Osaka, Japan, Trapped currently offers 4 different immersive escape experiences to choose from, each created to challenge all 5 of your senses and push you to the very limits of your intelligence.

The Contaminated Hospital puts you on a relaxing dessert island, away from all the stress of the city, where you come across an abandoned hospital only to be locked inside with all of its horrifying secrets. You and your team will have to swallow your fears and figure your way out before you are lost forever.

The Ancient Pyramid finds you and small group of explorers entering into the Great Pyramid of Giza in hopes of discovering a legendary tomb. However the tomb is cursed and all those who have come before have never been seen again. Your team must figure out the secret before it's too late or suffer the same fate.

In Death Note (based on the kick-ass manga of the same name), the world's criminals are dying due to heart-mysterious attacks. Impossible to be explained by simple coincidence alone, the famous detective known as "L" has sent your special team of Japanese FBI agents to infiltrate and take down his primary suspect.  Uncover Kira's secrets before you are his next victims!

The Medieval Prison has you locked away as a 14th century peasant after being wrongly accused of treason. You've been condemned to death by hanging and have 1 hour to use clues left to you by the previous prisoner to escape before the executioner arrives.

While this is Trapped's second location outside of Toronto, all themes are fully bilingual. Up to 8 people can play at once depending on the experience, and you have exactly 60 minutes to figure out each room. Believe us when we say, you'll wish you had more time. Trapped is challenging to say the least, and very few people make it out successfully. Trapped's Montreal location has only been open for two weeks now and they have already hosted birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate events for different Montreal companies. If you and your friends are looking for something new to do (and think you're smart enough), discover first-hand just how fun escape games are at Trapped.

Check out the Trapped Facebook page for and official website for all the details.