Montreal's Bishop Street In The Summer Of 1980

Please bring back the pretty colours.
Montreal's Bishop Street In The Summer Of 1980

Montreal's building facades have been through a lot over the years. When you walk past an old building it's fun to imagine what it would have looked like when it was first built. That's because many of them have had paint-jobs, renovations, and restorations that left them looking very different.

A perfect example would be these Bourgeois residences located on Bishop between Sherbrooke and de Maisonneuve. As you can see from the first picture, these buildings had undergone the "classic" Montreal treatment where each one is painted with different bright colours.

These buildings, which are the property Concordia University, were later cleaned and restored to their former glory. Here's what they look like today:

What do you think? Do you prefer what they look like in 2015, or do you prefer the bright colours of the 1980's?

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