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Montreal's Bishop Street Is Fvcked

Just walk by and you'll see.
Montreal's Bishop Street Is Fvcked

You ever see those stores downtown, trapped behind never-ending construction and wonder how the hell they survive?  

They usually don't, that's problem. And sadly, it's happening as we speak on Bishop Street. 

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The STM started building a ventilation station for the Guy-Concordia station way back in October, and they say construction is going to last until 2020!

Because of the work, there is no parking allowed in the area, the sidewalk is partially closed-off, and the businesses are losing so much money they might have to declare bankruptcy.

That's why 5 merchants from Bishop Street have filed a lawsuit against the city of Montreal and the STM.

They are asking for $2,500 per month for as long as the construction lasts, free advertising in the Guy-Concordia station, a path to provide better access to the businesses, and a ban on excessively loud noises during the busiest business hours. 

If you would like to help Bishop Street flourish, contact the city of Montreal here to voice your opinion. And of course, heading over to Bishop Street to spend a little bit of money couldn't hurt. 


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