Montreal's BIXI Given One Last Season To Succeed

Will they stay or roll away?
Montreal's BIXI Given One Last Season To Succeed

Photo cred - Jackie Palmer

As we all know, BIXI has been through a few rough seasons. Today, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre stated that if Bixi has a hard time in 2014, it might be it’s last season. Noooo, no more drunk Bixi runs? The mayor wants Montrealers to show their love for Bixi bikes. Basically, he wants us to show him that we’ll use the bikes more often. To help the upcoming season, Bixi will be receiving $4.3 million, as well as $460 000 from the city for vehicles to help move the bikes, and another $165 000 to start off. That’s a lot of moulah to help our Bixis.

Although if Bixi survives this Summer, it could possibly be integrated into the STM for a better chance of future survival. I know what you’re thinking, STM = being late for everything. But remember, these are bikes, not the metro. There’s also another solution being thrown around; they have had offers to buy Bixi, but none of the offers were high enough. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking of buying Bixi because I mean, all there is to it is moving bikes around with a truck. Well, I hope you have 4 million dollars in your bank account because that’s the number on the price tag!  Dem bikes are worth a lot!

So let’s prove the mayor wrong, because I mean, there’s nothing more satisfying than that. Those hot summer days are coming fast and there’s nothing better than cruising around the city on a Bixi. Getting your tan on and getting that workout in, because seriously, who actually works out in the summer? It's much better than being stuck in the metro because it decided to stop working, as usual.

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