Montreal's Blue Dog On Saint-Laurent Targeted By OQLF For Being English

Goodbye Blue Dog, hello Chien Bleu.
Montreal's Blue Dog On Saint-Laurent Targeted By OQLF For Being English

The Blue Dog Motel, a mainstay of the Main on St. Laurent street, is in the cross hairs of the OQLF. Otherwise known as the Language Police, the OQLF is reprimanding Blue Dog for being in violation of Quebec's Charter of the French Language, forcing the bar/club to change its name after 20 years.

A letter from the OQLF to Blue Dog was posted onto the bar's Facebook page last night, outlining the offences. As "Blue" and "Dog" are both English-derived words, the bar is in violation (and has been for over 2 decades) of several articles of the French language charter.  Read for yourself below.

Host of various weekly and monthly events, continuous musical acts, and a barber shop, Blue Dogs is one of the most active, cheapest, and least pretentious bars on the St. Laurent strip. Hopefully the forceful name-change won't interfere with Blue Dog's normal operations and the bar will remain open.

The OQLF has given Blue Dog a deadline of July 8th to change its name and get in line with the Charter of the French Language. Will Blue Dog become "Le Chien Blue" or "Bleue Dogue?" Thank goodness the Language Police is finally pouncing on this serious issue, because obviously the translated name is MUCH different, and will save so many people from unwarranted, and potentially lethal, confusion.

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