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Montreal's "Bota Bota" Spa In The Old Port Is Expanding In A Big Way

More space for you to relax a la max.
Montreal's "Bota Bota" Spa In The Old Port Is Expanding In A Big Way

Photo cred - MU Architecture

Montreal's floating spa, perhaps better known as Bota Bota, is getting a swanky new addition that will make the beauty and relaxation centre even more of an enticing destination for tourists and residents alike. MU Architecture will be outfitting Bota Bota with a large new (and green) addition, reports Huffington Post, making it more visually striking and better equipped to make you relaxed.

Bota Bota, which already uses the natural ebb and flow of the St. Lawrence river to promote tranquility, will gain an on-the-water garden, adding a lot more space to the spa's grounds. With the additional space, the spa will be able to house 100 more people.

The physical expansion of Bota Bota's facilities will also bring a new pool, sauna, steam bath, relaxation rooms, and hot & cold baths. The renovations aren't slated to be completed until next September, reports Huffington Post, but you can take a peek at whats to come through the photos below, courtesy of MU Architecture.

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