Montreal's Botanical Garden Is Hosting A Tulip Festival

Well, friends, we're officially in the middle of May (even though Mother Nature apparently hasn't gotten the memo).

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And with May comes a whole bunch of awesome things, like the end of school, terrasse season, sunshine, and, of course, tulips!

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Canada in general is ace when it comes to displaying these beautiful flowers (which, random tibit of info nobody asked for, are my personal fave) - and if you're a Montrealer in love with tulips, I've got some great news for you!

The tulips at Montreal's Botanical Gardens (4101 Rue Sherbrooke E) are in full bloom at the moment, and they're seriously beautiful. 

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According to the Botanical Gardens' website, tulips start blooming in Montreal around early May and end in early June, meaning you still have a little bit of time to check out these floral beauties. 

But you should probably get there ASAP. June is coming super fast, guys; in the meantime, though, enjoy a few pictures of these super pretty flowers:

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