Montreal's Botanical Garden Is Throwing A Huge "Pumpkin Ball" This Fall

October is just around the corner now and I'm sure you Halloween-fanatics are counting down the days for that special time of year. 

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It's definitely an enchanting moment – when you get to plan out an epic costume, watch horror films, and attend so many exciting events in Montreal! 

There are the scary events – the horror film festival, haunted house, and haunted corn maze you can visit. 

But some people just don't want something terrifying, they want the Halloween, minus the scream. For those people, I have just the event for you! It's "The Great Pumpkin Ball" happening this year at the Botanical Gardens! 

Via Espace Pour La Vie

You don't want to miss this delightful event, which runs from October 5th-31st at the Botanical Gardens. 

The greenhouse will be transformed into a Halloween-ville, where you can see some incredible pumpkins! You can even test your creative skills and decorate your own pumpkin! 

Via Espace pour la vie

Via Espace pour la vie

Via Espace pour la vie

Bring your decorated pumpkin to the reception desk at the Botanical Garden between 9am-5pm from October 5-11 and 9am-7pm from October 12-14.

See your masterpiece displayed until October 31st in the Main Exhibition Greenhouse. 

If yours gets selected, you can win some cash! Winners will be selected on October 20th at the "award ceremony." 

Check out their website for more information.