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Montreal's Botanical Garden To Host Weekly Outdoor 5 à 7 Parties All Of August

A great way to end your day.
Montreal's Botanical Garden To Host Weekly Outdoor 5 à 7 Parties All Of August

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Afternoon/post-work drinks on a bar's terrasse is one thing, but how about on a patio centered in the beauty of nature? Montreal's Botanical Garden is giving everyone the chance to relax with a cocktail, while surrounded by fantasical fauna, for the rest of summer with their weekly Cocktail Time at the Garden event.

A 5 à 7 like no other, the Botanical Garden invites all of Montreal to enjoy some drank on their terrasse every Thursday night, with food and music provided too. Cocktails and tapas (including grilled crickets!) start at 4pm, with music beginning at 5:30pm. The whole event will wrap up around 8, and will be cancelled altogether if there's rain.

A special menu of Botanical Cocktails has been created for the weekly 5 à 7, featuring cool creations like strawberry-basil G&T's and iced apple-rosemary vodka drinks. More traditional drinks like beer and sangria are on the menu, along with some fairly priced food. Take a look at the full menu here.

Cocktail Time at the Garden goes down at the on-site museum (map) and will continue until August 30th. The 5 à 7 has been going on since the end of June (apologies for not posting about it sooner!) but you still have a month left to enjoy the awesomeness of nature and alcohol, at the same time.

Get all the info at the official event listing here.

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