Montreal’s Botanical Gardens Is Turning Into A "Christmas Candy Land"

Something sweet for the holidays.

Forget Halloween, the true candy-centric holiday is Christmas. Candy canes, shortbread cookies, peppermint mocha, white chocolate-whatever, the Christmas candy list can go on and on.

And this Christmas season, you can eat all of those amazing sweets as per usual, and you can walk through a literal Candy Land-esque village, as the Montreal Botanical Garden is being transformed for its annual "A Sweet Christmas" event.

Giant candy floss, humongous lollipops, human-sized cupcakes and many more insane sweets, along with traditional holiday plants like poinsettias, will be found in the Botanical Gardens candy Christmas village, a truly vibrant environment you won't find anywhere else.

More than just a feast for the eyes, A Sweet Christmas will also be educational, in a fun way. Actually.

The Botanical Gardens promises a "flavourful journey through the land of sugar-producing and confectionery plants" as the exhibit shows you which plants produce the flavours of your favourite holiday candies. Yes, learning anything is a giant no-no for the holidays, but this is candy-education, so it doesn't really count, right?

The Botanical Gardens Sweet Christmas event will begin on December 11th and run until January 3rd. For more info, head to the official event listing here, and take get a preview of the exhibit through the photos below, courtesy of Espace pour la vie.

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