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Montreal's Botanical Gardens To Host First Ever "Urban Carnival" Festival In 2015

Wow, just wow!
Montreal's Botanical Gardens To Host First Ever "Urban Carnival" Festival In 2015

Next year's festival season (otherwise known as  summer) in Montreal will be getting a brand new addition, one that will be a spectacle for all of the senses. To be held at the Montreal Botanical Garden will be Terra Karnaval 2015, a multidiscoplinary artshow that mixes modern art with the inherent beauty of nature.

Summer 2015, the date set for the first Terra Karnaval, is a long way away, though Montreal got a taste of the festival this past Saturday the the Botanical Garden with a special preview show. 600 guests were treated to an "In the woods" themed circus-like performance that was also a tour of the Botanical Gardens, with the grand finale taking place in the Gardens of Light.

Described as an "urban carnival show," Terra Karnaval will be a series of music, dance, and lightshow performances within the Botanical Gardens, using the space's many trails, ponds, and flora in an effort to integrate nature within performative art. Director Danielle Roy hopes Terra Karnaval will be a festival where artists of all forms can collaborate throughout the year, with their work culimnating in the summer's series of performances.

It may be a solid stretch of time before summer 2015, but thankfully we got some pics and a mini-trailer from Saturday's preview performance. Check out the video and images below.

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