Montreal's Busiest STM Bus Routes Are About To Get Fvcked

Pray that yours is not on the list.
Montreal's Busiest STM Bus Routes Are About To Get Fvcked

Right now all of Montreal is under construction.

There's no point in even mentioning where the construction is. It would probably take a lot less time to tell you when there isn't any construction.

And if you don't see any walk 5 minutes in any direction and you'll be surrounded by orange cones in no time.

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Now when it comes to Montreal Buses, they're never really on time even during the best of times, so when the city is completely paralyzed it's bound to cause a few scheduling nightmares. Especially near Turcot, Bonaventure and Champlain.

The STM even released a special warning to let people know that their regular bus routes will be delayed and detoured. Sometimes drastically.

The delays affects some of the island's longest and busiest routes so if you ride the bus to work, chances your route is on this list.

But the worst part is that they say the alternate routes can change everyday which means you might be stuck on a completely different route tomorrow.

Click here for more details on each bus route.

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