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Photo cred - Marisa Parisella Photography

Say what you will about the newest Sin City film, no one can deny the movie had stunning visuals on par with the original. If only real life looked so gritty, dark, and altogether striking, and now it may, with the sinful and sexy performances to be seen at Sin Burlesque City at Café Cleopatra .

A burlesque homage to the Frank Miller comic series, Sin Burlesque City is recreating the nefarious atmosphere and deviant vibes that make Sin City so alluring onto the stage, for the benefit of your eyes, ears, and whatever you may have in between your legs.

Creating original scenes, the performance will let you see right into the heart of Sin City through the lens of burlesque. Expect leather, expect bad-ass femme fatales, and, above all, expect a sinfully good time.

Sin Burlesque City will be held at Café Cleopatra this Saturday, September, 6th, with doors opening at 8pm. Get all the details at the FB event page, and be sure not to miss it, because this is the closest you may ever get to seeing Nancy dance.

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