Montreal's Cat Cafe In The Plateau On Duluth Street Finally Opens On Saturday

More kitties and coffee for the city.

Photo cred - Café Chat l'heureux - cat café Montréal

Cat and coffee lovers in Montreal are getting a second venue where they can enjoy furry felines and caffeinated beverages in one convenient spot, as Montreal's 2nd cat cafe is finally going to open this Saturday, September 27th. We're not sure if the city truly needs another cat-coffee shop combo, but Café Chat l'heureux is opening regardless, so get jazzed. Hopefully this won't inspire a weird cat cafe turf war, although that does sound kind of hilariously amazing.

Café Chat l'heureux will be letting the cats out of the bag/opening its doors starting at 11am on Saturday, and will be throwing a special opening event to celebrate their first day of operations. Throughout the day you can drop by, see the cafe's resident felines, try out their healthy menu, and attend a mini cat-conference at 3pm, hosted by the CEO of Educhateur, a website devoted to cat education, if you didn't catch the pun.

Also on the day's lineup of festivities will be a photo booth (for plenty of cat selfies, we're sure), a children's makeup station, and an on-site feline behaviorist who will be at the cafe to answer any and all questions you may have about cats.

Café Chat l'heureux is located on 172 Duluth East (map) and the cat-coffee shop's grand opening party will begin at 11am. Head over to Café Chat l'heureux's official Facebook page for any updates.

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