Montreal's Chez Serge On Saint-Laurent Street Is Hosting A "Bikini Bull Riding" Competition Tomorrow

Ride the bull, win $1500.

Photo cred - Sophian Cholet for Chez Serge

Chez Serge's infamous mechanical bull is a drunk challenge like no other in the city. Whipping you around while in a barely-sober stupour, the bull is much harder than it looks. But the true test is: can you look sexy while riding the mechanical bull? Now's your chance to find out, and you can win some serious cash if you do.

Every Wednesday at Chez Serge a SeXXXy Rodeo/Bikini Bull Riding Competition will be held, where scantily clad hopefuls will take on the bull in hopes of impressing the judges, move to the final round if they do, and then win a cool $1500.

All competitor will be judged by a panel of three and scored on:

  • Time spent on the actual bull
  • Their outfit (points for creativity and sexiness)
  • Style of riding

At each SeXXXy Rodeo Wednesday, two competitors will move on to the finals, taking place on October 3rd. Weekly winners will get $100, and the winner of the overall competition on October 3rd will take home $1500.

If you can throw down at a hoe down, then this might be an event made for you. Ladies can register at or at the bar to enter the competition. Looks like fellas won't be competing, which is a little disapointing, but maybe for the best, 'cuz dudes can't quite rock a bikini, well, most dudes that is.

Find out more at Chez Serge'sFB page here.

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