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Montreal's Chinatown Is Hosting A "Lantern Festival"

A beautiful celebration.
Montreal's Chinatown Is Hosting A "Lantern Festival"

Friends, happy year of the Monkey. For those of us who aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, this February 2016 marks the month of Chinese New Year - the official date being February 8 (Sidenote: A very happy belated New Year to everyone who celebrates!).

And if you were to have stepped foot in Montreal's Chinatown at all this month, you might have noticed something new adorning De la Gauchetière street. In celebration of Chinese New Year, beautiful, bright, colourful lanterns have been placed all around Montreal's Chinatown; not only that, but you'll also be able to see giant, gorgeous panda lanterns located in Chinatown's Place Sun Yat-sen.

This festival is free, and is going on until February 29. So, friends, strap on those boots and go for a little Chinatown scroll; and, until then, admire this beautiful Montreal Chinatown lantern fest in the form of Instagram pics. Or, you know. Get yourself there and take some inspiring shots of your own. Whatever you're down for, friend. Whatever you're down for.

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