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Montreal's "Chinese Tea Room" You Must Try This Fall

You'll posi'tea'vely love this place!
Montreal's "Chinese Tea Room" You Must Try This Fall

Montreal is home to so many beautiful independent cafes that you basically can't walk down any street without running into at least one of them. But what makes them so great is that each and every one brings something unique and special to the city! 

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There's a super cute place located in Old Montreal that offers a unique experience in Chinese culture. 

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This Chinese tea room is called Ming Tao Xuan Thé located at 451 Saint Sulpice St in the heart of Old Montreal. 

They have a huge selection of delicious Chinese teas all coming straight from China. The decor is all traditional Chinese decorations and sculptures that will make you feel like you were transported to a tea room in Beijing! 

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They also serve vegetarian dishes that will pair perfectly with your pot of tea. You can try their steamed dumplings, vegan chicken skewers, mango salad or cheesecake for dessert!

They also serve tea biscuits to dip into your tea cup in all kinds of flavours like matcha, lemon, almond and chocolate!

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This spot is the perfect place to bring a date with it's quiet atmosphere, by yourself for some peaceful contemplation, or with your friends to catch up over a cute cup of tea! 

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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