Montreal's Clock Tower Ranked #4 Most Beautiful Clock In The World

CNN shows Montreal some love.
Montreal's Clock Tower Ranked #4 Most Beautiful Clock In The World

Photo cred - Sandy Lisonbee

CNN, perhaps one of the most respected news and media organizations in the entire world, has given a major nod to Montreal. Looking at the world's most beautiful clocks, CNN chose 12 different time-keeping structures from various nations, and Montreal's Old Port Clock Tower made the list at #4.

4th in the 12-clock series, Montreal's Old Port Clock Tower stands beside London's Big Ben and Switzerland's Zytglogge Tower, which is a pretty big deal for a Montreal landmark many probably don't think is globally recognized.

Giving a rundown of each clock's height, history, and special features, CNN told us some factoids about Montreal's Old Port Clock Tower we didn't know before. You can head to the main article to learn more about the other 11 clocks, but for CNN's write up on Montreal's infamous clock tower, read below:

"Completed: 1922

Height: 45 meters (148 feet)

Observation deck: Free to access between May and September with 192 steps to ascend.

Special features:

From May to September, a temporary urban beach opens at the base of the Clock Tower. The beach has a restaurant, a bar, showers and live entertainment at night. There's no direct access to the water, due to strong currents. The tower is lit at night with bright lights that highlight its white coloring. The clock mechanism was built in London in 1921 by Gillett & Johnson, the company that designed the mechanism in the clock tower in the Palace of Westminster in London. Space was reserved next to the clock for a bell to ring each hour, but it was never installed. The tower also honors men of the merchant navy lost at sea during World War I."

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