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Montreal's Club Muzique Will Now Have Bottle Service You Can Actually Afford

Like bottles of Grey Goose for $100.
Montreal's Club Muzique Will Now Have Bottle Service You Can Actually Afford

To celebrate an impressive 6 years on The Main, Club Muzique is launching their all-new Beat The Clock Saturdays and doing up their birthday in style.

Since first opening their doors in 2009, Club Muzique has earned the reputation as a global hot spot and celebrity destination, hosting some of the biggest names, including Drake, Tiesto, Avicii, and more. This Saturday, February 7, Club Muzique is switching up their usual Saturday format and introducing one of the best specials we've ever heard of.

If you've never checked out Club Muzique before (and even if you have), Beat The Clock Saturdays is making your club experience even better by giving insane specials on premium bottle service, with only one simple catch - You gotta Beat The Clock! Basically, the earlier you show up, the better the prices are.


Grey Goose VodkaPiper Heidsick Champagne

100$ 10:00­ - 10:30

130$ 10:30­ - 11:00

160$ 11:00 - ­12:00

February 7 officially kicks off Beat The Clock Saturdays, and with sounds by DJ Yao, Jericho, and Kidd, it's sure to be the hypest party in the city.

Check out Club Muzique'sFacebook page, business listing and website for all the details.

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