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Concordia students, we know finals are nearly in full swing, and you need to hunker down and study, but you may want to steer clear from the downtown campus's Webster Library, because, well, bed bugs.

One reddit thread asked the alarming question of "bed bugs in the library" which went on to spark quite the reaction from students on the 'net. What we can gather from the alarming amount of students who claimed to have had their own homes infested after visiting the library/taking out books, plus some sketchy photo evidence, is that yes, the Webster Library has bedbugs.

Social media has also been ablaze with claims that the library is infested, with tweets stating it is so, and one image taken from the Facebook group "Spotted: Concordia University" which has been used as photographic "proof" that the library actually does have a bed bug problem. As the photo lacks any surroundings or distinguishable features, we recognize it could be anywhere, and not Webster Library, so the bed bug infestation must remain a rumour, though an incredibly troubling one nevertheless. You can see the photo below.

We spoke to Concordia's media representative Chris Mota, who, thankfully, was able to dispel the rumour. According to Mota, after the university investigated the issue, no bed bugs were found within the Webster Library. Mota pointed out that the photo is made less credible given that no details were given as to where exactly the photo was taken within library so the university could search the spot, and the fact that, according to a specialist consulted by the university, the insect in the photo is not a bed bug at all.

Still, the alarming amount of students who claimed to have contracted bed bug infestations from the library shouldn't be entirely discredited, and Mota has asked any students to come forward with any information, should they have any. Concordia's Student Union Off Campus Housing and Job Bank has also offered students a resource if they do contract a bed bug infestation, from the library or elsewhere. HOJO is an open resource available to all students, and they also pointed out that landlords, and not tenants, are responsible for eexterminatingany bed bug infestation. The student union group provided this resource for more information.

Looks like this was just a rumour folks, though I'd still stay away from the library for at least a little while, if only to get away from all that final exam stress.

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