Montreal`s Coolest Quintessential Guide To The Best Sangria Spots

Montreal`s Coolest Quintessential Guide To The Best Sangria Spots

Summer may be winding down but you don't have to let your liver know that. Keep the spirit of Summer alive with the quintessential Summer drink: Sangria. Nothing quenches thirst and repels the harsh rays of the sun better than the magical combination of liquor, juice, and wine that is sangria. Here are some of the best spots in Montreal to enjoy the tasty Summer drink.

Saint Sulpice

Rocking one of the largest terraces in Montreal, Saint Sulpice is always a great option to enjoy some sangria with friends. A front terrace is also available, along with four other floors all equipped with bars, if they huge back terrace gets full. If you've ever been to Saint Sulpice on a Friday or Saturday in the Summer then you know how full it can get, so rest assured there are other options to sit and drink.

Diablos BBQ Smokehouse

BBQ joints don't exactly scream sangria, but Diablos breaks the mold. With an entire two pages devoted solely to sangria (all taken from the 'Punches & Sangrias recipe book), the Diablos sangria list features (below) cool concoctions likes the Sakegria (made with Japanese sake), among many others. For an even cooler cool-down drink, try out Diablos' alcoholic slushy drinks, made with their own in-house slushy machine!

SKY Pub Club

Taking it over to the gay side of town/the village, SKY is the go-to sangria spot. Sporting a sexy rooftop terrace, and epically large 4L pitchers of sangria, SKY is a venue for all summer alcoholics. If you're feeling frisky SKY even has its own hot tub on the roof, just be sure to bring your own swimsuit. No commandos allowed.

Gerts Bar

Students of McGill are well aware of the crazy drink specials at Gerts, and no other gets the student body more rowdy than Wednesday Sangria Night. Hump day is celebrated at Gerts with $11 pitchers of sangria, arguably the cheapest in the city. Gerts is open to the general public, not just students, so feel free to drop in on a Wednesday for a very sweet deal.

Make Your Own!

Ok, a slight cop-out, but people don't realize just how easy sangria is to make, and much more affordable if you do it yourself. A basic recipe goes as follows:

One Base Alcohol (typically brandy, but vodka or even gin is ok) + Liqueur (like peach schnapps or triple sec) + Soda/Pop (sprite and ginger ale work well) + Juice & Fruits (orange being the classic) + Wine to top it off

So many variations can be made, such as Spiced Pomegranate Sangria or Kiwi-Apple White Sangria. Just be sure to get the portions to your alcoholic liking!

Did we miss any awesome sangria spots that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @MTLBlog #sangria. Happy Drinking!

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