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Montreal's Cozy "Tea Latte Bar" You Must Try This Fall

This place is tea-riffic!
Montreal's Cozy "Tea Latte Bar" You Must Try This Fall

Fall is finally here and you all know what that means right?? It's time for cozy sweaters, crisp fall air, stunning fall leaves, infinity scarves and tea! 

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These are all the things that make us smile during the fall, even though we know the dark days of winter are on their way. We can still enjoy the beauty and happiness that fall brings us before the snow hits the ground. 

There's an amazing tea shop in Montreal's Outremont area that specializes in all things tea, especially tea lattes and it looks adorable! 

via @misskavita

It's called Salon Teashop and it's located at 237 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest. It's the perfect place to hunker down for midterms while you warm your soul with a cozy matcha latte in this spacious! 

via @la_foodie_queen

They offer tons of different kinds of tea lattes like matcha lattes, chai lattes, hazelnut black tea lattes, rooibos lattes, Taiwan tea lattes and 5 different kinds of London Fogs!!  

Try their lavender London fog, rose London fog, maple syrup London fog, or their vanilla London fog a new and unique flavour! 

via @rafaelletremblay

They also offer frozen tea frapuccinos that look amazing plus tons of loose leaf teas without the latte part. Don't worry though, they serve regular lattes with espresso to get your heavy caffeine fix as well! 

They also have all kinds of good treats and pastries that will pair perfectly with your choice of cozy tea like their Matcha white chocolate muffins! 

via @salonteashopvia @thequeeniesee

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Check out their website for more information. 

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