Montreal's Crescent Street To Host A Summer Garden Terrasse Party This Week

Get networking in the sun high above the city.
Montreal's Crescent Street To Host A Summer Garden Terrasse Party This Week

Networking and meeting fellow business folk doesn't need to be formal and stuffy, with only a bunch of old men in suits talking about the economy populating a gathering. Montreal's Mémorables is making networking fun and party-like, with their June 12th 6@8 terrasse party at Newtown on Crescent.

Newtown is known for having a fantastic terrasse and great cocktails, and the spectacular standard will only be made better for the 6@8.

Flowers will adorn the beautiful Newtown terrasse and make sharing drinks (there will be a signature cocktail for the night) with other young business people and entrepreneurs in the summer sun an even more enjoyable experience.

Adding even more flair to the terrasse garden party are an on-site candy bar for snacking, and a henna tattoo station for anyone looking to add some flair to their evening's outfit. Prizes and gift certificates will be given away too, for some added excitement to the night, because who doens't love free swag?

Playing off of the longstanding business-drinks tradition of the 5@7, Mémorables' 6@8 aims to be a party for all ages, just with a light business focus. Don't you dare bring your CV, just casually get to know other business owners and network as God intended: on a sunny terrasse with plenty of drinks.

You'll also get to discover exactly what Mémorables does, and how they can make any event (busisness-focused or not) into an extrvagently awesome affair. Throwing parties is what these people do, so expect Mémorables to pull out all the stops for the 6@8 on June 12th at Newtown.

Will we see you at Memorables' 6@8?

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