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Montreal's Duluth Street To Host A "Candy Burlesque" Party Next Week

Post-work parties on a whole other level.
Montreal's Duluth Street To Host A "Candy Burlesque" Party Next Week

Photo cred- Elena Gatti

Candy and sexy costumes are pretty much the two staples of any Halloween experience in Montreal, so come Friday, you better be indulging in both. Sometimes life, the harsh mistress she is, gets in the way of enjoying sugary substances and scantily clad individuals, so just in case you don't get to reap the perks of Halloween, one special 6@8 Mémorables at Atame will make sure you get both in spades, just a bit after the holiday.

Come next week, at Átame, the aphrodisiac restaurant, Montreal's Mémorables is hosting a "Candy-Burlesque 6@8," a twist on the classic 5@7. Other than the time, what makes this event a little bit more special and exciting are the tasty offerings, and I mean that figuratively and metaphorically.

This Mémorables 6@8 will be sure to arouse your senses! The evening will being with hors d'oeuvres to arouse your taste buds, a candy bar crafted to trickle your sweet tooth and a special burlesque performance from local Montreal talent, which will definitely add some heat to the approaching winter cold!

The hors d'oeuvres at Átame provide a unique experience, pairing some of their aphrodisiac culinary specialities along with a sensual performance that you will not be able to pry your eyes away from. A special burlesque performance will be held, featuring some of the sexiest performers in Montreal's renowned burlesque scene. Expect to laugh and be delightfully shocked while you enjoy this unique spectacle!

To further elavate your experience, Átame has prepared a special menu at a convenient price for a better Mémorables experience.

An event featuring a trio of amazing offerings (candy, food, burlesque) the Mémorables is a party and a networking event. Meet other like-minded business folk of Montreal as you bond over your mutual love of drinks, candy, and erotic performances (sure to stimulate more than just conversation) in the relaxed atmosphere of this not-so-standard 5@7.

Tickets to this event are only $10, so grab one and some of your friends for an after- work party you don't want to miss.

You’ll also get to discover some of what Mémorables does, and how they can make any event (business-focused or not) into an extravagantly awesome affair. Throwing parties is what these people do, so expect Mémorables to pull out all the stops for the 6@8 on November 6th at Átame.

So get your tickets, join the fun and check these guys out on Facebook!