Montreal's Earth Crusher's Latest Visual Creation Is "Filthy Rich"

Everyone's favourite Montreal-based corporate megalomaniac graffiti artist, Earth Crusher, is back with a new video of featuring awesome urban artistry. Titled 'Filthy Rich,' the video is "an ode to the super wealthy," and gives a stop motion play-by-play of Earth Crusher's latest piece.

Directed and put together by Angela Boismenu, owner of Icon Ink Photography and manager of Greenlight Gallery this video really is a breath of fresh air.

Taking place outside of the Greenlight Gallery on St. Laurent, the video is a mash up of the 80's, rich bitches, and graffiti, which all combine to create a very 'Earth Crusher' feel. Watch the video below, and be prepared for a hilarious twist ending.

Check out more of Earth Crusher's work on his FB page here. 

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