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Montreal's Entire Weather Forecast For Fall 2017

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Montreal's Entire Weather Forecast For Fall 2017

It's sad to hear, but there's only 1 week of summer left. But it's not all bad news, at least we're ending the season with some of warmest and sunniest weather we've see yet. 

And the Fall forecast for Montreal doesn't look too bad either. Let's take a look ahead and what we can expect in the next couple of months. 

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1. Overview

According to The Weather Network, this fall season we can expect "near normal or above normal temperatures" across all of Canada. The temperature may fluctuate as it usually does in the Fall, but overall the weather will be milder.

2. The Rest Of September

As for the next 2 weeks, they say the weather will be fantastic from mid to late September and even at the start of October.

3. Precipitation

Fall is a pretty stormy season in general, but we can actually expect fewer this year and precipitation is predicted to be less active than normal across Canada. In fact, they say that extended periods of warm and dry weather are likely.

4. Temperature

But the most important thing to remember is that starting now, we will be losing 1 to 3 degrees of warmth every week all through the Fall season. So make every day count!


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