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Montreal's Eureka Festival Set To Take Over The Old Port This Weekend

Over 100 different activities to do.
Montreal's Eureka Festival Set To Take Over The Old Port This Weekend

If you grew up with Bill Nye, then you already know that science rules. It's been a while since Nye graced the airwaves, and although Neil deGrasse Tyson is doing a stellar job in making science marketable, some of us may need to reacquaint ourselves with the non-boring side of science. The Eureka Festival, held in the Old Port this weekend, will be sure to make science fun again, as impossible as that sounds.

From Friday to Sunday, kids and adults alike can head to the waterside Science Center area (map) and learn a bit about the world, while still having fun. It's summer, after all, so we forbid any normal type of book learnin' and thankfully all activities at Eureka are fun and informative. Over 100 different activities will be put on over the weekend, focusing on all age groups, and not just kids.

While there is a kid/family-focus to Eureka, that doesn't mean there are zero features of the festival us 20-nothings can enjoy. DJs will be taking over in the evening, electric cars will be on display (for some Grand Prix nostalgia), and some legit adult-oriented workshops on topics like forensic science (CSI anyone?) the human body in extreme environments, and the interplay of art of science, among many others, will be held over the weekend.

If all that truly isn't your jam, then Eureka will still be a fun excuse to get you to the Old Port and enjoy the summer sun. Food and beverage vendors will undoubtedly be out to serve the hungry masses (for food and knowledge) so you can reap the benefits without having to learn a thing.

Get all the info on Montreal's Eureka Festival official website and FB page.

Will you be at the Eureka Festival?

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