Montreal's Famous 250,000 Christmas Light House Will Soon Be Illuminated With An All-New Disney Theme

The holidays are upon us and we couldn't be happier!

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TL;DR Montreal's famous Sami Hajjar Christmas Display will be out once again this year from November 30 to January 10. The display will have more than 250,000 lights, four performances each night and a specific theme for all the decorations. More information is available below.

Seriously, who doesn't love everything the season offers? I'm talking about the festivals, parades, nostalgic TV specials, food and of course... decorations.

Events for the upcoming season are already underway such as the CP Holiday train making two stops in Montreal and the well-known Christmas Market in Quebec that offers some of the best holiday spirit ever.

Via Sami Hajjar Christmas Display

Via Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display

There is one other magical holiday tradition returning to Montreal this year as well. You may or may not know of Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display, but if you've never seen it you are definitely missing out. The house turns into an entire castle of festive lights, with a different theme taking over each year.

Luckily, you'll have an opportunity this year to witness the enchanting display, as it's being set up once again next month! Holiday miracles really do come true.

Via Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display

Via Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display

Previous years had themes such as the Minions and the Snow Queen, but this year will be none other than "Dream Land". The giant display boasts more than 250,000 lights and we've been promised that five times more inflatable decorations than last year will be out, so expect this to be the best event you'll witness the entire holiday season.

Via Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display

Sami Hajjar is hoping to recreate the world of Disney, with characters such as Mickey and Minnie mouse being part of the display. The "holiday castle" will officially be open to the public on November 30 which gives you time to witness the magical lights more than once this season.

The light show will also be accompanied by music and four performances each evening from 6PM to 9PM.

Via Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display

The festive home is located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, and although it would be hard to miss with all of the beaming lights, you can find the address HERE.

You seriously don't want to miss out on visiting this magical display for the holidays and experiencing the most festive event in all of Montreal!


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