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Montreal's Famous Rib Fest Is Just Around The Corner And Here's What You Need To Know

Welcome the best BBQ masters in the country!
Montreal's Famous Rib Fest Is Just Around The Corner And Here's What You Need To Know

Montreal loves food festivals. We basically live for them. It's true that our summer days are completely jammed with a foodie's paradise left and right. It's what the city is known for and we should all be pretty proud of it.

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It's no secret though that once the seasons begin to change to more cool temperatures with less than optimal weather, festivals begin to die down a bit. It's pretty heartbreaking, which is why luckily this year is going to be a bit different. If you love all things meat, beer and celebration then this is the event for you.

Montreal is to host the world famous Ribfest this fall, and it's a festival you don't want to miss! The same BBQ masters from the Ontario and States festivals will be attending our city's Ribfest which takes place on September 13-16. 

Competitors will be bringing the heat from the South in both packaging and unique recipes. It's up to you to vote which vendor you think served up the best grub. You'll also be able to see which vendors have won the award for best ribs in previous years, this way you'll be able to skip the line and head straight to the best you can get.

The giant smokers at each kiosk will lure you in with braised spare ribs, pulled pork, and even other carnival eats such as deep-fried onion and sweets like cotton candy. And if you thought it couldn't get any better, you'll have no problem finding tons of beer to help you wash down all that food. This is seriously a foodie's dream come true!

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On top of all this, the event boasts live music and dj's, a family zone complete with rides and attractions, and the chance to meet and speak with professional ribbers known as the best from the Southern U.S.

This is really the festival that begins the autumn season, so you won't want to miss it while it's in town. The major event will be taking place at Le Quai Jacques Cartier in Montreal's Old Port.

For more information on Montreal's Ribfest and to plan your visit, click HERE.

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