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Montreal's Favourite Hot Dog Is Getting Its Very Own Week In January

Photo cred - googling2000g

Much loved and often eaten, the steamie/steamy/steamé (what is the official spelling?) is a Montreal food staple that is simply not rep'd as hard as poutine, smoked meat, or bagels. We can't really tell you why, because steamies are amazing, and super cheap, so it's about damn time the signature MTL hot dog had their very own city-wide food event. Get your buns ready for "Steamy Week."

From January 23rd to 29th, the city of Montreal will become a hot dog playground for all steamie lovers, so basically everyone. Created solely as an ode to the mighty steamy (during a drunk convo between friends, no less), the food event will be a way to get reacquainted, or better acquainted, with Montreal's hot dog-culinary tradition, while also being a precursor to Poutine Week.

More than 40 steamie vendors are already on board with the event, with more being added as the event draws nearer, the perfect chance to try out a new steamie spot. A very community-focused event, you'll be able to add your own favourite steamie spots to the event's website, share photos of your "steamy" food porn (pun!) and just spread the love for the classic Lesters steamed hot dog with cabbage.

Get all the info on Steamy Week by heading to the official website right here.

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