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Montreal`s 'Fear Depot' Is The Next Evolution In Haunted Houses

Where to get really scared this Halloween in Montreal.
Montreal`s 'Fear Depot' Is The Next Evolution In Haunted Houses

Cover Photo Cred- Sara Paglioni

Gone are the days of classic, and silly, haunted houses with pop-up skeletons and bedsheet ghosts. Technological advancements in visual effects, sound manipulation, and set designs have led to the next evolution in horror. 'Fear Depot,' an immersive multisensory fear experience, headed by Quebec horror master Patrick Senécal, is the latest creation to incite fear into hearts and minds. A haunted house for a new generation, 'Fear Depot' is open for all thrill seekers from now until November 3rd at Carrefour Angrignon.

'Fear Depot' literally takes you into a scary setting straight from horror movie reels. Ten 40 foot containers (painted blood red, naturally) house different hair-raising environments, like a haunted hotel or insidious forest, which participatns will choose to their own twisted liking. The basis of 'Fear Depot' is to make it almost like a choose-your-own-adventure, done horror-style. Senécal believes that allowing a person a level of choice tailors the experience to their own horrific preferences. Placing a person into a realistic, and wholly creepy, experience will incite a loss of control, and thus fear, just without any danger of actually getting hurt. Placing people into a 25-minute horror movie experience, 'Fear Depot' looks to be the place to be scared this Halloween in Montreal.

Check out the trailer below, and see the official site for details.

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