Montreal's Fetish Week 2014 Is Set To Take Over The City In August

Whips, poutines & handcuffs.

Summer will end a little sinfully in Montreal, thanks to the city's 10th annual Fetish Weekend. Centered in the pedestrian zone of the Gay Village, Montreal's Fetish Weekend will be all sorts of kinky, and not exclusive to people already in the fetish-scene, so even the prudish among us can plan to check the festival out.

All kinds of kinky events are going on throughout the 6 day "weekend." Some are VIP exclusive, some just need a ticket, and others are entirely free, like Fashion Fun in the Village and many of the afterparties. One that definitely stands out is the Latextacy Pop Anime Fetish Ball, your chance to live your japanime wet dreams. Fingers crossed for sexy Cloud Strife from FFVII lookalikes.

Workshops and demonstrations will also be put on during Montreal's Festish weekend, along with some not-overly educational exhibitions, so you can learn more about fetish culture without having to actually lace/leather-up. Expanding your sexual horizons is never a bad idea, and this way no one can ever call you "vanilla."

Montreal's Fetish Weekend begins Wednesday, August 27th and goes on until Monday, September 1st. Get all the info on events and fetish-festivities on the official website and FB page.

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