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Get Ready To Party At Montreal's "First Digital Nightclub" This Saturday

This may mean getting off the couch.
Get Ready To Party At Montreal's "First Digital Nightclub" This Saturday
  • If you were wondering how to spend your weekend indoors, you'll be happy to know Montreal's "First Digital Nightclub" is (virtually) coming your way this Saturday.
  • This is a creative way to get us all off our couches.
  • Get all the details about Montreal's first-ever virtual club below!

What are your plans for this weekend? Have you watched so much Netflix that The Good Cop is starting to sound appealing? Well, don't hit play yet (or maybe ever, for that matter), there's something different coming to the city this Saturday and it's in true Montreal nightlife style. The guys over at Digital Nightclub Montreal are getting creative with the current social distancing limitations and creating an all virtual club night dubbed the "1st Digital Nightclub In Montreal." 

Set for this Saturday, March 28, get ready to lose the hoody and Lulelemon pants, and get back into your proper going-out clothes to share a virtual drink with strangers from around the city. 

According to the event's Facebook page, participants will receive a link to access the virtual party with their camera, and everyone will be able to see everyone!

There will even be official live DJs on hand to create the new party feel including DJ CRK, DJ Jay Ramis, DJ Guillaume Michaud, and DJ kärl k-otik.

The only drawback is that, due to the current budget and service provider, there is a limited number of people that will be able to take part this Saturday.

While there are spots open for thousands, this party has already garnered a lot of attention.  The lucky participants will be chosen through a sweepstake. Just follow the details in the  Facebook post!

The party is from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. and participants are only asked to dress their best and try to recreate a nightclub vibe from home. Think flashlights, strobe lights, fluorescent lamps, festival costumes, or anything else fun and crazy you can think of. 

During the party, there will also be some small contests put on. You can check out some of the contest ideas on the Instagram page.   

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The event goes out of its way to invite "roommates, couples or lone wolfs," but don't forget that this is an event to bring some joy and fun to everyone's life while avoiding the spread of the virus.

So, no gathering with friends in the same apartment for this party. 

Whether it's a virtual club or people singing Leonard Cohen songs from their balcony, watching the ingenuity of Montrealers at this time never gets dull. 

The 1st Digital Nightclub In Montreal

When: March 28; 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Cost: Free

Check out the Facebook event page here!

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