Montreal's First "Dog Café" Is Now Open In The Plateau

Coffee and canines come together at Le Doggy Café.
Montreal's First  "Dog Café" Is Now Open In The Plateau

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Cat-lovers got a cat café (two, actually) and now it's time dog lovers in Montreal got a similar establishment to sip on coffee while chilling with their furry friends. Fortunately for dog owners, canines and coffee will soon combine within Montreal's first "doggy café" set to open in January 2015.

Opening its doggy doors in the Plateau (map), the new venue for canines will be fittingly titled the "Le Doggy Café." Not the most creative of names, but it gets the point across. Much like its feline-counterpart, Le Doggy Café will be a space where humans and dogs are both welcome, allowing patrons to bring in their best pals while they grab a coffee, instead of having to tie them up outside in the cold.

Described as a "café-resto" on its Facebook page, the dog-centric spot will boast an impressive menu of serve-ables. Other than coffee, Le Doggy Café also promises to be fully vegetarian when it comes to food, with vegan and gluten-free options available as well. Teased images of the menu have included salads, grilled cheeses, smoothies, cakes, and homemade doggy treats.

Different kinds of dog training workshops will also be organized by Le Doggy Café, with "canine cuisine" classes to be held as well. If you're going to be eating well, you should at least learn how to cook for your dog, right?

In truth, Le Doggy Café isn't quite the first canine café in Montreal, though that's up for debate. Brandy's already exists in the Pleateau as well, as does the Hot Dog Café in the south shore. To be precise, however,, Brandy's also welcomes cats and is a health centre, while HDC is technically off the island, so you could claim that Le Doggy Cafe is the first dog-specific coffee shop on the island of Montreal.

Le Doggy Café will be opening next month (January 2015) and is located at 4493 Papineau. Learn more and get any updates by heading to the canine coffee shop's Facebook page here.

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