Montreal’s First Ever All “Nutella” Bar Opening In 2015

Your chocolaty dream becomes reality.

Photo cred - Eatella

A few weeks ago, we became insanely jealous of all New Yorkers when news dropped that NYC would be home to North America's first Nutella restaurant. We've  since cancelled our trip to NYC though, as we've learned some glorious news: Montreal will be opening its very own Nutella restaurant next year. This year, get ready to eat Nutella at the Eatella Nutella Bar, where everything will be choco-hazelnutastic.

Eatella will be spooning out everyone's favourite sweet spread in Laval by the start of this December, and Montreal by the early 2015. We were able to speak with the owners of Montreal's soon-to-be first Nutella bar, and managed to get the basic breakdown of what to expect at Eatella.

Nutella will obviously be the star of the show, the main decadent ingredient in a cornucopia of breakfast and dessert dishes, including crepes, Nutella pizzas, Nutella cheesecakes and many more. The set list of menu items was kept a little hush-hush (to build excitement) but we can confirm there will be over 60 different Nutella-tastic options to enjoy at Eatella, all priced from $11-$19.

Any establishment with "bar" in the name would be a misnomer if they didn't serve alcohol, and thankfully, this isn't the case at Eatella, as hard drinks will be on the menu. Sugar addicts and lovers of mixology can look forward to many different varieties of Nutella martinis, which sounds like the best way to get a little tipsy. The Nutella bar will also be open 'til 1am on weekends, meaning you can now have a Nutella pre-drink if you like, and you do.

So you can look forward to eating Nutella in a vast assortment of signature dishes, while sipping on a Nutella beverage (alcoholic or otherwise), all while being surrounded by fellow Nutella lovers. I think the only thing we have to worry about at Eatella will be potential Nutella overdoses, which is the sweetest way to go, IMO.

Eatella, Montreal's first Nutella Bar, will begin opening preparations at the end of the year. Keep updated with all things Eatella by heading to the resto-bar's Facebook page here.

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