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Montreal's First-Ever "All You Can Eat" Nachos Restaurant

'Nacho' average restaurant.
Montreal's First-Ever "All You Can Eat" Nachos Restaurant

Nachos are seriously the perfect meal. It's such a simple idea to get nacho chips and douse them in melted cheese but it's just so brilliant. From there you can add all the toppings your heart desires making them totally unique and perfect for you! 

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That's why this news will be so exciting for all the nacho lovers in the city.. Montreal now has an all you can eat nacho restaurant! 

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This amazing event will be happening every Thursday night from 5pm to 11pm at Le Gras Dur on Rue Jarry! So book off your next Thursday night and get ready to gorge yourself on some unreal nachos! 

Choose between nachos topped with Bratwurst sausage, chicken Schnitzel, or ground beef and of course alllll the cheesy goodness! 

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Visit their Facebook page for more information! 

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